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Differences in ideologies and beliefs must be respected, as long as they are not imposed through violence in this

Free world.

  Soon after the Russian invasion, the Portuguese Custom Circus troupe decided to transform its theater into a support base called Hangar SOS Ukraine , to provide rapid assistance to refugees and popular militias. Which means that before and after each show, the company has reactivated the humanitarian operational side of the Custom Café Theatre .

 In this 2nd initiative held at Nirvana Studios , the troupe chartered and loaded another TIR truck, this time bound for Slovakia, with the particularity of having artistically decorated it with its ART FOR PEACE manifesto; conveying this appeal for support to Ukraine throughout this new and long journey, in order to directly reach the thousands of travelers who will cross the truck. In addition, the Web Link of this mission will be updated daily, through an international team of Erasmus trainees from the cultural sector.

Truck 1.2 (Copiar).png

   The ART FOR PEACE concept was created around a gyroscopic sculpture by the company, based on Leonardo DaVinci 's famous Vitruvius Man figure. Through their characteristic post-apocalyptic art, Custom Circus emphasize in this transdisciplinary audiovisual work, the fact that an ideological division does not necessarily mean a disharmony of the whole.

  In other words, that the World can - and must - remain united by the sacred Human freedom, regardless of the symbols, colors, beliefs or forces that intend to deny it to the inhabitants of this planet. Which is, after all, a planet already 4.5 billion years old, whose own universal destiny is so much more superior than any ephemeral desire for territorial domination, coming from a handful of individuals.    

the 2nd truck has arrived!

Nirvana Studios •--» Slovakia


 Thanks to the unconditional support of hundreds of volunteers, and companies such as CISCO , GD Auto , CRC - Car Rental Company , C.Santos VP , Nirvana Studios and Toyota Caetano Portugal , Hangar SOS Ukraine has already expanded to several other fronts and partnerships, participating in the 1st “Humanitarian Caravan” leaving Lisbon and, subsequently, also serving as the basis for the huge “Humanitarian Help” caravan, which is a joint action made possible by several entities and volunteers. 


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