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1 - Mekanon autor (Copiar).png

  In a future land ravaged by human insanity, the lifestyle was proudly nomadic again. Bikers' clans, supported by caravan trailers and trucks, guided by their druids, roam the immense desert that is now the Atlantic, fleeing a devastating darkness that threatens to steal their freedom and life. It is up to storme, roker and blu, belonging to the most sacred group of wheels, to save the lifestyle, traditions and soul of all the tribes of the wheel. But the lords of darkness have other plans for what remains of humanity, in which love, music and individuality have no place. This is the immense story of the wheel saga.



2 - Raus Human autor (Copiar).png

  Two years have passed since Storme, Roker and Blu overthrew the Morckash plans. With the great city of Ourb being reorganized, led side by side by members of both clans, the Wheels set out on a new adventure, discovering various mysteries on the new Amerikae continent. However, unexpected threats arise, and the Morcash seek once again to establish the dominance they once had over nomads, starting with the construction of the Great Wall Raus Human.



3 - Wagon Village autor (Copiar).png

 Welcome to this series that travels in the imagination of Custom Circus; a Post-Apocalyptic theater and visual arts company, where each of its books has been independently structured and can be read separately from the rest.

  In order to link the troupe's real carnality with the fictional coordinates of the series, the company's mentors guided the authoring process, seeking to have the plot woven around lived episodes; or alternatively, experienced on stage or in other aspects of his performing art.

  The predominant cinematic concept of the series crosses the company's own life story with an authentic geography, mostly centered on Portuguese territory in a future three centuries away.

  The existence and transposition of Custom Circus to the real world can be discovered in their shows, exhibitions, installations, in their original soundtracks, or in a visit to the artistic community that the troupe created in 2004: the Nirvana Studios, located in Portugal in the locality from Oeiras, very close to Lisbon.


4 - Enygma Oeiras autor (Copiar).png

 This is the long-awaited outstanding volume of this literary collection, presented in an edition specially dedicated to Oeiras, the birthplace of the Custom Circus.

  Filled with intrigue, action and romance in an unexpected matrix, the predominant cinematic concept of this narrative pulsates in an unbelievable imagery, where coordinates intersect in an authentic geography centered mainly on Portuguese territory, in a future three centuries away.

  Breaking free from the classic level of a trilogy, this time the Custom Circus have carved out their pillory on the cover of this new adventure into their universe of speculative fiction; in a mysterious plot that struggles from start to finish against the tribulations of the unexpected and the paradigmatic curvature of time.

  On the back of this “enygmática” publication, as the title itself presupposes, the historic coordinates of Oeiras will be the main stage of this journey that unveils the bizarre and far-flung corners of the continent of Atland; a new and vast geography successor to the metamorphosis of the Atlantic Ocean, now petrified into a gigantic desert at times implacable.

  In addition to their publications, the transposition of Custom Circus to the real world can be discovered in their shows, art exhibitions, installations, original soundtracks, or in a visit to the artistic community that this company created in 2003: the Nirvana Studios, located in Portugal, precisely in the region that gave this book its name.



book autor.png

  A real life story, forged by iron, fire and ink by the author who experienced it.

Editorial Director

  Surprisingly effective, The Fantastic Gutkin Curse is a simple method to start living life more passionately.

  Although the word curse owes its origin to evil, here in spite of this evil coating, an exception was made; because this curse is blessed! Or do they not believe that there are evils that come for good?

  Thus, this book is the culmination of more than thirty intense years to absorb without any geographical or ideological boundaries, the secret of a well-fulfilled life; where I realized that it is really important to know how to choose the crazy people who will guide us! And yes! I was lucky to know how to choose them! Or them to me ... Something that I also wish you.

The Author



A Saga da Roda_autor.png

The book from which originated the Custom Circus Series.



Manifesto - Herdeiro do Apokalipse (Copiar).jpg

  This Exhibition aims to show an imaginary that we hope will never happen. Seen through the eyes of our descendants, those who may be the Heirs of the Apocalypse and who invite us to observe their art and to visit their structural shelters adrift in a ruined amnestic world, where only lost objects and industrial traces emerge as witnesses of the past.


  What we take for granted may be ephemeral if we are not careful. life will always be an experience where we are just guinea pigs of the present. Today we are waiting for the Earth to return to being green but waiting is not enough, we must act. Great conflicts have marked our history, the next one may mark the end ... Attention! It is still time to not enter this space that can challenge your opinions. But if you do not enter, you will never know ...

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